A Day In The Zoo by Gerald Durrell : WBBSE Class 9 with Exercise

Exercise : 1

1. Tick the correct answer from the given alternative –

(a) dusk

(b) dawn

(c) afternoon

(d) evening

Ans:- (b) dawn

 2. The birds searching the dewy grass on the lawn were –

(a) peahens

(b) peacocks

(c) robins

(d) thrushes

Ans:- (a) peahens

 3. Stephen with a broom is his hand was guarding over the –

(a) bears

(b) gorilla

(c) apes

(d) armadillo

Ans:- (c) apes

 4. The name of the black Celebes ape was –

(a) Etam

(b) Jeremy

(c) Mike

(d) Stephen

Ans:- (a) Etam

 5. The reptiles dozed in the temperature of –

(a) sixty degrees

(b) seventy degrees

(c) eighty degrees

(d) ninety degrees

Ans:- (a) sixty degrees

Exercise : 2

1. How does the sky look as one is awakened by the bird song ?

Ans: The  sky  appears  to  be  slightly   tinged  with  yellow,  when  one  is  awakened  by  the  birdsong. 

 2. How do the parrots and parakeets salute people ?

Ans: The Parrots   and   Parakeets   salute the people  with   a   cacophony  of  sounds.

 3. What do all the animals do at the start of a new day?

Ans: All the  animals,  exited  and   eager  at  the  start  of  a  new  day,  bustle  about  the  cages.  

4. As the light fades, where does the robin fly off to ?

Ans: As  the  light  fades,  the  Robin   ceases   to  sing   and   flies  off  to  roost  in  the  Mimosa  tree.

Exercise : 3

1.  What work do Jeremy and Mike do in the Gorilla’s cage ?

Ans: Mike and Jeremy both remain busy inside the Gorillas’ cages. They  sweep up  the  mess  on  the  floor,  scatter  fresh  white  saw  dust  and   assure  that  everything  is  all  right. 

 2. Describe the state of the frogs and snakes in the reptile house ?

Ans: In  the  reptile  house  the  temperature  is  eighty  degree  Fahrenheit. Snakes look at someone calmly with lidless eyes.  Frogs make gulping sounds.   

 3. What would one see and hear while lying in bed at night ?

Ans: While  lying  in   bed  at  night  one  would  see  the  moon  separating  itself   from  the  shadow  of  the  trees.  One would hear lion coughing. 


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