All About A Dog by Alfred George Gardiner : WBBSE Class 9 with Exercise

It was a very cold night in winter. All passengers were eager to reach their destination as early by a double decker bus. The bus conductor collects the fare from the passenger and suddenly he saw a young lady sited with her pet dog.  Immediately, the conductor asked the lady to go upper deck with her dog. The upper deck of the bus was uncovered. The lady was already suffering from cough and cold. Considering the cold weather condition, the other passengers of the bus argue to the conductor that they have no objection to carrying the dog inside the bus and stay the lady in her sit with her pet. But the conductor ignores the passenger’s argument. He forced the lady to go to the top of the bus. The lady also prays with the conductor. But the conductor was standstill in his decision. As a result the conductor stopped the bus in the midway. Ultimately the lady had to obey the rule. After some time, the engine began to trouble and the bus became stopped once more. Some of the passengers leave the bus. Others had to tolerate the delay. But the conductor refused to compromise. However, the lady had to travel on the top of the bus in her rest of the journey. At the end, the narrator of the story tried to advise to the conductor that rules should be modified according to the circumstances and goodwill. Rules are created for comfort to people but should not cause trouble to the people. That is the spirit of a rule. So, the rules and regulations are not most needed thing in our society but its application with human welfare. Here the story 'All about a Dog' by Gardiner that arise some questions related to our society and social rules and regulations.

 All About A Dog  (TEXT)

Exercise : 1

1. The younger women carried little –

(a) spaniel

(b) bull dog

(c) Pekinese dog

(d) spitz

Ans:- (c) Pekinese dog

 2. The younger women was suffering from –

(a) stomach pain

(b) back pain

(c) fever

(d) cough

Ans:- (d) cough

 3. The ball was pulled by the –

(a) conductor

(b) driver

(c) younger women

(d) older women

Ans:- (a) conductor

 4. The number of policemen to whom the women expressed her anger was –

(a) Three

(b) four

(c) five

(d) six

Ans:- (a) Three

 5. the problems bus faced was with the –

(a) tyre

(b) engine

(c) brake

(d) horn

Ans:- (b) engine

Exercise : 2

1. How many people got into the bus with the younger woman?

Ans: Two people got into the bus with the younger woman. 

2. What was the conductor’s order to the younger woman?

Ans: The conductor ordered the younger woman to take the dog out of the bus.

3. Why did the conductor stand triumphant?

Ans: He stood triumphant for the lady had to go upstairs. 

4. What was the rule which cannot be broken without danger to life and limb?

Ans: The rule of the road cannot be broken without danger to life and limb.

Exercise : 3

1. When did the author feel that trouble was coming up?

 Ans: The conductor was collecting fares. At this time His eye rested on the pekinese dog. When the author saw this, he felt trouble coming up. 

2. Mention two demands made by the passengers when the bus stopped ?

Ans: 1. The passengers demanded their fares back. 2. Their another demand is that the conductor should not leave them for all night. 


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