His First Flight by Liam O’Flaherty : WBBSE Class 9 with Exercise


Exercise : 1

1. At night the seagull slept in a little –

(a) nest

(b) hole

(c) turret

(d) burrow

Ans:- (b) hole

 2. The ledge faced the –

(a) north

(b) south

(c) east

(d) west

Ans:- (b) south

 3. The colour of the seagull’s body was –

(a) red

(b) black

(c) blue

(d) grey

Ans:- (d) grey

 4. The two brothers and sisters of the seagull were lying on the –

(a) pain

(b) plateau

(c) valley

(d) hill

Ans:- (b) plateau

 5. The mother seagull had picked up a piece of –

(a) meat

(b) insect

(c) fish

(d) straw

Ans:- (c) fish

 Exercise : 2

1. What was the first catch of the seagull’s elder brother ?

Ans: The  first  catch  of   the   seagull’s  elder  brother  was  herring, a  kind  of  sea  fish.


2. Why did the seagull feel the heat ?

The  seagull  felt  the  heat  because  he  had  not  eaten  since  the  previous   nightfall.


3. Why did the seagull dive at the fish ?

Ans: The  sudden  halt   of   the  mother  with  a  piece  of  fish  wondered  him.  Maddened   by  hunger,  he  dived  at  the  fish.


4. What Happened when the seagull soared upwards ?

Ans: The  seagull  uttered  a  joyous  scream  and  flapped   the  wings  again.


Exercise : 3

1. Why was the seagull afraid when he ran forward to the brink of the ledge ?

Ans: The  wings  would   never  support  him.  This   made  the  seagull   more   fearful  about  flying  across  the   vast  sea   that  stretched  down  beneath,  when  he  ran  forward   to  the   brink  of  the  ledge.


2. What were the seagull’s two brother and sister doing on the plateau ?

Ans: He  saw  his  two   brothers  and  sister  lying   on   the  plateau. They  were  dozing,  with  their  heads  sank  into  their  wings.


3. What happened after the seagull’s feet sank into the sea  ?

Ans: Though  the  seagull’s  feet  sank  into  the  sea,  he  sank  no  further.   His  belly  touched  the  surface  of  the   sea  and  he  kept  floating  on  it.


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