The North Ship by Philip Larkin : WBBSE Class 9 with Exercise

Exercise : 1

1. The number of ships sailing by were –

(a) three

(b) two

(c) five

(d) four

Ans:- (a) three

 2. The wind carried the first ship to a –

(a) big country

(b) small country

(c) rich country

(d) distant country

Ans:- (c) rich country

 3. The second ship turned towards the –

(a) west

(b) north

(c) south

(d) east

Ans:- (d) east

 4. The decks of the third ship shone –

(a) brightly

(b) frostily

(c) clearly

(d) dimly

Ans:- (b) frostily

 5. The northern sky rose over the –

(a) unfruitful sea

(b) kind sea

(c) stormy sea

(d) calm sea

Ans:- (a) unfruitful sea

 6. The third ship was rigged –

(a) long journey

(b) short journey

(c) slow journey

(d) quick journey

Ans:- (a) long journey

Exercise : 2

1. What did the wind do to the second ship?

Ans: when  the  second  started  its  journey,  the   wind   hunted  it   like  a   wild   beast.  It   kept   the   ship  in   captivity.   So   it   could   not  sail   further.  


2. Give any two points of difference between the journey of the third and the other two ships ?

Ans: 1. While  the  first  and  the  second  ships  came  back  from  their journey  happily  or  unhappily,  the  third  ship  sailed  northward  fighting obstacles  in  the  sea.  2. In  contrast  with  the  first  and  second  ship,  the  third  one  was  rigged for  a  long  journey.



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